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A Leader’s Key Task; Focus on the Core Problems

Tesla recently announced its 4th quarter, 2015 financial results. Revenue was $1.75 billion and its loss per share was $2.44; both falling short of analysts’ expectations. Concerning net profit, it reported a loss of $320 million, nearly triple the loss of a year ago. It was its 11th straight quarterly loss. As is usually the case with Tesla, it touted very aggressive sales forecasts for 2016 and 2017.

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Apple: Why Wall Street Is Calling It Boring!

Recently a popular financial analyst on Wall Street took a cold objective look at Apple’s most recent financial results and then boldly stated: “Apple, a boring stock? As boring as they come!”

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How to Escape the Status Quo

In the past two years, General Electric has done a good job of facing the fact that its business model of the past several years had run out of gas and that it needed to break out of the status quo and prepare for the future.

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