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How to Avoid Being a Dictator or a Doormat!

Tesla Motors seems to constantly be in the news for a whole variety of usually negative reasons. The latest is the resignation of their CFO which caught everyone by surprise. A few months prior it was the resignation/firing of the head of Tesla’s Chinese business.

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Learning From the Turnaround Wizards!

You don’t find many examples of major companies who find themselves in a negative spiral and then a new leader is able to turn the situation around and put it on a winning track. This is an interesting topic, because we can learn valuable lessons from the small number of successes that there are.

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McDonald’s: A Lesson in Flawed Communications

The past 2-3 years have been a nightmare for McDonald’s, the giant fast-food chain. Same store sales versus year ago have suffered consistently. Most experts attribute it to a very fundamental issue; namely, boring food.

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