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Mistreating Your Superstars?

Recently I have been working with a company that has been losing some of its most talented middle-level employees. These are precisely the type of folks you don’t want to lose. The question to be answered was why was this happening?

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Lessons Leared from American Sociological Review!

Here is my take on this. When businesses go out to hire, if they are serious about beating their competition, I can guarantee you they are looking for hard charging, smart candidates that have a track record of accomplishment in whatever they pursued. Yes, they have to get along with people, but some of the more gifted are often a bit “different!” If you don’t have some of these in your organization, you are missing a bet.

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The Power of Good, Old Fashioned Thinking

Leaders need to encourage quality thinking. Yes, we live in an age of 140-character responsiveness that has forced us to generate thoughts on the fly. Even so, there’s value in providing breathing room for our thoughts, especially when we’re commissioned with creating a long-term plan of action. In spite of the great technology at our disposal, requiring sound, persuasive, well thought-out proposals is a great tool for getting your employees to hone in one what it is that’s important to them…and the company.

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Your Most Valuable Asset: “A” Players

Obviously, the goal on an on-going basis is to maximize the number of “A’s” and spot the “C’s” and give them a development plan for improvement which, if not achieved, leads to helping them find another job.

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