Bob Herbold: Speaking Activities

Strangled By Complexity? Ten Steps to Organizaton and Innovative Excellence

Many of us have experienced the frustra;on of being in an organiza;on where you feel strangled by the complexity and difficulty of geting things done. You are very clear about what needs to happen, but at every turn, you run into needless procedural formalities, endless meetings and emails, incompatible systems, time‐consuming and debilitating concurrence requirements, and innovation‐ravaging consensus decision making.

Sometimes it’s due to operational problems such as old, patched‐together, complicated systems and processes, bloated bureaucracy, or outdated and fragmented business practices. Often the organization has talented operational personal, but they have too many of them and they have no authority or motivation to simplify and streamline. Instead, they add complexity every day and the result is that it is frustratingly hard to get things done.

Such complexity also typically leads to a lack of product innovation, an outdated business model, and missed technology or consumer trends. While the organization may have a solid R&D staff and plenty of smart people, somehow bright ideas never seem to become a reality.

In this presentation we focus on ten courageous principles that that are a roadmap for leading an organization to operate in a lean and agile manner and grow via innovation.

For each of the ten principles, we provide several specific suggested actions and provide detailed case studies of actual companies to demonstrate the power of these actions and the implications of not doing these things.