Bob Herbold: Speaking Activities

Increasing the Innovative Potential of Your Organization

This presentation is designed to help organizations develop ways to substantially increase the creative and innovative output of their organization. Here is a summary:

We begin this presentation with a review of the human behaviors that set in as an organization matures, and discuss how those behaviors dampen creativity and diffuse the sense of urgency in the organization. We then get into the specific recommendations of how to tackle the problem. For example, when it comes to cultivating creativity, nothing catches people’s attention like reorganizing them and clearly stating their new responsibilities. It’s also very important to dismantle “layers of wisdom” decision‐making, where many levels of the organization get involved in a final decision, potentially watering down unique ideas and slowing up the process. Also, we discuss the pitfalls of consensus decision making and excessive use of teams when trying to generate innovation.

We also review several other approaches for fostering creativity, such as avoiding pre‐judgment of people, eliminating unnecessary training and communications, focusing on the customer’s needs rather than on meetings and memos, and ensuring that individuals who deliver creativity and innovation are properly rewarded. With each of these recommendations, we provide detailed examples showing the problem, the approach, and the resulting impact.