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Winners Generally Win … Staff Accordingly

You have isolated the problem/opportunity and maybe even developed the plan of attack. Now…how do you make sure it happens? You need to put top talent in the key jobs. But… how do you spot top talent?

Here are characteristics I think you should look for:

1) a consistent track record of always meeting goals
2) a consistent track record of seizing bright ideas and making them happen
3) a very fast learner with good group and one-on-one communication skills.

It sounds easy, but managers tend to fog this up. They overestimate the value of experience. They worry too much about what others will think. Friendships get in the way. They put off the decision and leave the current players in place…hoping for the best.

Nokia is a good example of doing this well. This leading global cell phone maker has missed the smartphone rage, causing their business to suffer. Realizing that smartphones require deep software expertise, a few months ago the Nokia board hired Stephen Elop, the president of Microsoft’s Business Division, as CEO. He is young, only 47, but deep in software and hardware experience, having served as president of Adobe Systems and COO of Juniper Networks prior to joining Microsoft in January, 2008. Elop is off to a fast start, having recently indicated to employees the core problem via his “burning platform” letter you may have seen in the press. A week later he announced a joint effort with Microsoft to do battle with Apple and Google in the smartphone arena.

So… what characteristics do YOU, the readers of this blog, look for?

Which of the above do you not agree with?

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