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Where Are We Going? What’s the Vision?

When members of your organization are asking question like this, you are acting like a manager, not a leader. You are not facing reality and finding new ideas and ways to improve. You are probably very comfortable since from your perspective things may be stable and under control.

There are many examples in the marketplace of organizations getting run over because they did nothing but execute the current business. Why didn’t they manager do anything to improve? Because humans are generally wired to seek stability, and once they achieve it, they tend to lose their sense of urgency. In such organizations I will guarantee you that the troops are talking at coffee breaks about the problems and missed opportunities and wondering why nothing is happening.

As the boss, you need to be constantly analyzing what is going well and what isn’t, and seeking out fresh ideas and ways to do things. Put all that on the table, get input from the troops, debate possible directions with them, and then pick one. Announce the vision to your employees and start implementing.

So what is the message to any manager, no matter whether you organization is 4 people of 40,000: Execute your current responsibilities well but equally as important, always be seeking out problems to be tackled and bright ideas that will generate big improvement. Just remember: Gutsy leaders lead! Managers manage the status quo.

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