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What Are You Waiting For? Take Action Now!

Very recently the long-awaited new Blackberry smartphone was announced.  The model is called a Z10 and it uses the new operating system, Blackberry 10.

The initial reviews seem to be fairly good, acknowledging it is thin, light and attractive.  The screen is slightly bigger than the iPhone but smaller than most Android-based phones like the very hot selling Samsung Galaxy models.  The new operating system has fonts and icons that will be instantly familiar to Blackberry users.

Net, it looks to be a fairly competitive product.   The only real problem is it is 6 years late.  It was just short of 6 years ago that Apple introduced the iPhone.  Soon after that Google’s Android operating system was released and you started to see Android-based smartphones that have become so popular.

Six years ago, Blackberry had total market dominance of the early smartphone business, which at that time included primarily just phone and e-mail capabilities.  The number of Blackberry users was exploding; every serious business person had to have one to get instant e-mail.  You could get to the internet on the Blackberry at that time, but it was clumsy.

It was when Blackberry was at the top, in 2006/7, that it should have been leading the industry into touchscreens, more robust internet connectivity, and useful apps.   But it didn’t happen.  For the past 6 years, ever since the appearance of the iPhone and Android-based smartphones, Blackberry seems to have been frozen in time, basking in their prior success, even as their market share was dramatically disappearing.

So what is the message for each of us from the sad Blackberry story?  Very simply:

Take Action Now or Lose Out! – At every juncture, no matter what your job is, you should be facing reality, looking for a new trend, technology or bright idea that could generate improvement in what you are responsible for, and jumping all over it NOW.  Don’t wait around!  Don’t be distracted by minor daily minutia. Move!

Remember the old proverb: He who hesitates is lost!


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