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Want to Be Promoted? Train Your Successor!

Suppose you are in a manager’s job for a while and getting comfortable with the routine. There are natural human instincts that lead you to be protective of your role. Typically the last thing on your priority list is to train your successor to the point of being fully capable of taking your job. In fact, it’s threatening!

Actually, that is just what you want, if you are interested in making career progress.

Here are three steps that significantly increase your chances of getting promoted:

1) Do your current job very well. Understand the measures your boss wants you to perform against and beat them.

2) Find and implement creative ideas that fix key problems and/or take advantage of new technologies or trends.

3) Pick an individual you are confident can eventually take your job, get them on your team, and train them thoroughly so they are fully ready to take over.

The result: you are an available, strong performer! That is good. Believe me, there is always a need for strong performer to handle the key challenges.

Believe Me!

How do your experiences match up to this thinking?

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