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The Insecure Boss – Unfortunate!

Have you ever been around a manager who wants to take credit for everything and avoid any kind of blame? Frankly, it’s a disgusting thing to watch. What such individuals don’t realize is that it is one of the easiest things for employees to spot and it is also one of the most devastating behaviors in terms of ruining an individual’s reputation and trust levels.

While you tend to find a lot of this in politicians, it’s not nearly as prevalent in industry because, in general, it gets spotted pretty early and such people usually end up not making a whole lot of progress in the organization.

Stepping back, it’s really a clear signal of insecurity. The individuals really don’t trust themselves to get good results, they want to grab ahold of anything they can to improve what they believe is their reputation.

If you are a boss, here are a few things to remember:

1.) Glory seekers are easy to spot. Don’t ruin your reputation by getting into that habit.

2.) Grow your people and showcase them. They will work twice as hard for you and your organization will have a better track record.

3.) Don’t worry about credit – just make sure you and your organization are getting great results.

If you are an individual who works for a boss that demonstrates these traits, here are a few tips:

1.) Don’t make a big deal out of it. The people above the boss typically sees through the situation quicker than you would imagine.

2.) If it continues for a long period, look for ways to work for someone else within your company rather than this individual.

3.) If your company is full of these kinds of folks, you are working for the wrong company.

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