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The Human Tendency – Fat and Unfocused!

This past week Larry Page, the new CEO of Google, announced that Google was going to launch a series of moves designed to cut through their 24,000 person bureaucracy and refocus on a smaller number of high priority projects. That brings to mind three basic human tendencies that all courageous leaders need to recognize and guard against:

1) Managers constantly ask for more people, regardless of their situation. Gutsy leaders look for ways to streamline and simplify.

2) Managers are always arguing that their work/projects are a key priority. Their creativity in finding ways to defend their turf is limitless. Strong leaders are objective and ready to downsize/eliminate their groups if the impact is limited.

3) Managers form fiefdoms and duplicate existing corporate services and systems. They want total independence. Courageous leaders keep their groups lean and agile.

Remember, all humans are wired with these tendencies; yes, that includes you and me! You need to rise above these tendencies and LEAD!

Tell us your stories of fat and unfocused!

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