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Selecting the Vision- Stop Making It So Hard!

I have seen organizations take years to finally decide on a vision they will try to achieve. Selecting a vision requires a leader to make choices. Some managers don’t like to do that…which usually leads to an endless chain of meetings, committees, and delays … the organization becomes a debating society.

A vision is what the organization wants to be or to have happen in the future. To select a vision, a leader needs to set up a reasonable amount of time to determine the problems and the opportunities via a set of analyses by a carefully selected group of knowledgeable, objective people. The people involved should be those that the leader is confident will challenge the status quo, not necessarily those that are in charge of how things are done today. Then the resulting learning should get whittled down to a set of viable alternatives. This should take a few weeks, not months.

After discussing the alternatives with the key people, the leader needs to make a decision and announce the vision, why it is being selected, and the next steps for determining the strategies to make the vision happen. Making those decisions requires guts. Some people will be disappointed, some threatened, but most will be very excited.

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