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Pushing New Ideas – A Career Risk?

In evaluating you as the leader of your organization, one of the aspects your boss should be looking for is whether you are coming up with fresh ideas that solve problems and/or take advantage of opportunities. But often times when you push new ideas, you get the feeling you are making your boss very uncomfortable. In fact it may feel like you are risking your reputation and making a dumb career move.

Here are three things to remember to help take the career risk potential off the table:

1) Invite your boss to help shape the idea. By involving him or her early, you have the best chance of making them a strong advocate of your idea.

2) Listen very carefully to the reaction of your boss and others and probe for thorough understanding. Be totally objective.

3) Be very willing to modify your thinking if it makes sense, but don’t be a pushover. You need to stand up for what you believe in. Also you need to be willing to scrap the whole thing if it becomes clear that is appropriate.

What are your experiences in pushing new ideas? Any insights others might find useful?

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