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Ideal Employee Attributes…What Are They?

When I was at Procter & Gamble, one area that got huge attention was the recruiting of brand management personnel.  The reason?   P&G was, and still is, totally dependent on the success of its individual brands.   Hence the recruiting process for brand management talent was a major focus, and the company was highly selective.

So…why was it that P&G was just as willing to consider a religion major as an MBA for the marketing-intensive work of brand management?  Because, after studying the issue for years, they concluded success was primarily due to four attributes which don’t really relate to any particular academic major:

1)  A deep drive to improve things and be entrepreneurial – You are after people who like to make things happen

2)  Smarts and common sense – good problem solving skills requires intelligence, particularly quantitative, and also requires a lot of reasonableness; just plain common sense!

3)  Communication skills – you need to be at ease in talking issues with people and able to crisply and persuasively make your point, one-on-one and in groups

4)  Resourceful – you need the drive to keep looking under rocks, and approaching people, for facts and opinions that help you understand things and get the right information.

What attributes are key from your perspective?

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