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Corporate Leaders Are Abandoning Ship:

We read a lot last month about the shameful leadership of Francesco Schettino, the Costa Concordia cruise ship captain who steered his vessel into risky, uncharted waters and then abandoned ship when it ran aground. The saga continued to play out last week when a group of survivors filed a hefty lawsuit claiming gross negligence and fraud. The defendants “acted in a severely reckless and willful, wanton manner, with complete disregard for the safety, lives and well-being of the plaintiffs,” said Marc Bern, a lawyer representing the passengers.

I’ve spent all of my life working in industry, first at Procter & Gamble, then as COO at Microsoft, and for the last ten years as a consultant. Along the way, I’ve met hundreds of high-level business leaders and I’m here to tell you, this captain’s behavior mirrors failures I’ve witnessed on a first-hand basis far too often over the course of my career.

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