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Blaming Others and Forming Committees…Tools for Wimps!

Rarely do you find a politician that will accept responsibility for anything that has any aspect of failure associated with it. In general, their primary concern is getting reelected, so they take credit for just about anything positive and run the other way when anything goes south! Unfortunately, since virtually all politicians do this, the voting public has become rather accepting of it.

In business, people who exhibit such behavior are fairly easily spotted by not only the troops, but also by the bosses. Eventually it catches up with them. Sometimes it takes a while, but in most cases, it does.

Even worse, in many cases politicians and managers, when faced with a tough decision, will form a time-consuming committee. Unfortunately, while that may sound wise to get the input of others, their real objective is often to avoid the risk of making a decision, having it go bad, and then getting blamed for it. They can just point to the failure of the committee. In other cases, their objective may be to simply delay the decision and hope it will go away.

Taking personal responsibility is a key trait of strong leaders. They have a sense of urgency, they seek out the facts they need to make the decision and they get on with making the decision. When things don’t go right, they take the blame and move on. Working for such a leaders is a dream. Things get done and the organization feels energized.

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