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The Pandemic Impact: Massive Change Yielding Winners and Losers!

From a business perspective, the past 12 months have been about as wild as anyone could have imagined.  The dreaded pandemic, and the constant CDC alarms, led the consumer to be fearful of doing anything.  This has caused major disruption and risk of survival in many industries.  Let’s take a look at some of the […]

Pfizer: Did the Virus Give Birth to a New Business Model?

Over the past ten years, Pfizer’s annual revenue dropped from $61 billion to $42 billion in 2020, due primarily to divesting consumer healthcare and key drugs going off-patent (e.g., Viagra and Lyrica).  During this period, total operating costs were cut accordingly from $31 billion to $23 billion, which included R&D spending going from $8 to […]

Neil Cavuto Interview: ‘Social media boys in big trouble’ over antitrust regulation

Social media antitrust challenges, interest rate increases, and wild gyrations in the stock market, particularly in the tech sector, are the topics of the day.  To see an interview I did today with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business on these issues, click here.

Learning from Some of the Worst CEO’s in History?

Several years ago, there was an article in the Business Insider publication titled “The 15 Worst CEO’s in American History.”  Of the 15, four strike me as having particularly valuable lessons we can all learn from.  Here they are, with these descriptions basically lifted from the Business Insider (BusIn) article: Most Innovative Geniuses Are Not […]

Gerry Baker Interview: The future of news sharing on social media

Check out my recent interview with Gerry Baker on Fox Business.  It focuses on the very recent flap between Facebook and the Australian government, and the implications of the agreement that was reached. Click here to watch.

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