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Actually Achieve the Vision? HOW?

Once the leader has nailed down the vision and announced it to the troops, he or she needs to quickly follow with the strategies for how that vision is to be accomplished.

In developing the strategies, it is important not to allow the status quo to put a wet blanket on aggressive ideas. Hence, you are better off to assign the task to someone who is creative, a high achiever, and most importantly, not part of the part of the organization that is likely to change. Why, people are very protective of their turf. The creative, aggressive part is needed since it is too easy to select strategies that are not far from current practices; they are less painful to implement.

The leader then needs to expose the strategic options to the troops and debate the positives and negatives. Most importantly, the leader needs to be convinced that the strategies being considered will actually achieve the vision.

One other thing the leader needs to bring to the table is toughness regarding feasibility, cost and timing. Usually when plans are crafted, too much cushion to put into all aspects by the various parties concerned. You know why. They are protecting their career. They want their part to be safe and easy. This is human nature. The leader needs to squeeze some of that cushion out and create the sense of urgency.

It is now time for the leader to decide on the strategies, announce the plan and why it was selected. They should also announce who will be in charge and how the organization will be reorganized to achieve the strategies, and thus the vision. That’s how gutsy leaders lead!

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