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Neil Cavuto Interview: Tech companies should focus on customers, not short-term stock price

Here is a link to my interview today with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business regarding the earnings reports of the tech giants and the antitrust situation those companies find themselves in.

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Amazon: A Rare Strategic Mistake?

Whole Foods’ first store opened in 1978 in Austin, Texas.   National expansion began in earnest in 1984 and it has grown to 500 stores in North America.    In October of 2017 it was acquired by Amazon. Whole Foods’ amazing growth was due to three points of differentiation that it used to attract its […]

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Wisdom from Steve Jobs: Create a Reality Distortion Field!

Back in 2006 when Apple was developing the iPhone, Steve Jobs decided that while the original plan was for the iPhone to have a plastic screen, like the iPod, it would feel much more elegant and substantive if the screen was glass.  He set about finding a glass that would be strong and resistant to […]

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