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Change and Fear: Inseparable?

Anytime there is a significant change in an organization, it can have a very unsettling effect. Examples of the kind of changes I am talking about are reorganizing to better meet the needs of the marketplace, new technologies that lead to new products or new ways to execute the business or new bosses who have different value systems and want to reconfigure things.

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IBM: Finally, A Bold Move Provides Some Hope

One financial analyst calls IBM’s last ten years its wasted decade. In that period, the company’s annual revenue dropped from a tad over $100 billion to under $80 billion and net income for the decade dropped from $14.8 billion to $9.4 billion. In comparison, in the past ten years, Microsoft’s revenue grew from $69 billion to over $143 billion and the company has been totally reinvigorated by the move to a cloud emphasis about 6 years ago.

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