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A Powerful Lesson from Hyundai 

One thing that really confuses employees is when the manager pursues a long, painful “values/mission/charter/vision/strategies/objectives/goals” exercise.  First of all, what does all this stuff mean, and second, why take many months when the problems/opportunities are typically obvious. The strong leader cuts out all that complicated jargon and simply explains that the vision is WHAT we […]

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Learning From China’s Chairman Mao: Avoid Generating Fear!

I am reading the book Tombstone, by Yang Jisheng, whose father was one of the thirty-six million people that starved to death during 1958-1962 in China. The devastation was driven by the program called the Great Leap Forward engineered by Mao Zedong. The leap forward was to achieve increases each year in food production since food was scarce. Quotas were set up in each village and county and continually raised, while all peasants were stripped of their land and possessions and assigned to highly ineffective commune farms where chaos caused the food production to drop each year. Peasants were to eat at commune kitchens, which soon ran out of food. Anyone caught hoarding any food suffered severe physical punishment.

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