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Nordstrom: Ignoring Its Fundamental Problems

Something unique happened last week. After many quarters of disappointment, Nordstrom actually beat the street’s estimate of earnings per share. Given this is the first piece of good news in quite a while, the stock price gained 10%, going from $26 to $28.50. On the other hand, that is still a far cry from the $65 per share level of a year ago.

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AT&T: A Weak Business, $200 Billion of Debt and a Focus Problem!

For the past three years, AT&T has really been struggling. During that period, the S&P 500 Index gained +38%, while the AT&T stock price declined by -21%. Debt now stands at $200 billion and Moody’s recently downgraded AT&T’s rating to two notches above junk.

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Warning: Don’t Let Your Age Dictate Your Behavior!

There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal which focused on the fact that more companies are placing individuals in the CEO role who are members of Gen X (ages 35 to 54). The essence of the article was to discuss three areas where it seems this age group generally has advantages versus […]

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