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Neil Cavuto Interview: The DOJ Scrutiny of Big Tech

Here is a link to my interview today on Fox Business regarding the very significant Department of Justice antitrust launch this week on the tech companies involved with social media and online retailing.  Microsoft and Google are the focus of the dialogue with Neil Cavuto.

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Do you know THE primary motivator of people?

Several years ago there was some interesting research on employee motivation that really stuck with me. The conclusions were based on a massive study that involved twenty-six project teams from seven companies, comprising 238 individuals. Each participant filled out a survey at the end of each day, recording their moods, motivation levels, perceptions of the work environment that day, as well as the work they did, the progress they made, and the sense of creative output. The resulting 12,000 diary entries captured many ups and downs and provided a unique look at the inner workings of work life on a micro level.

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Google: Its Stock Languishes While the Chaos Increases!

Google investors are frustrated. Since January 1 of this year, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Microsoft are up +47%, +27%, +20%, and +32% respectively, while Alphabet/Google is down -3%. Even more frustrating is the growing list of negative events that clearly have distracted the company, such as: * The Antitrust Storms Strengthens – The U.S. Justice […]

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