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China’s Semiconductor Plans: A Lesson in How to Lead Change!

There is nothing quite as important in an organization as having a leader who is highly skilled in spotting vulnerabilities, developing the goals to fix things, telling the entire organization what you want to happen, developing the plan to achieve the goal, lining up the necessary talent, and then executing with excellence. While it is usually a company that you come across that is doing this well, it is highly unusual to see a country do this well, particularly a country of 1.4billion people; namely, China.

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Mornings with Maria interview: Is Zuckerberg lacking the maturity to deal with Facebook’s many issues?

Earlier today, I was interviewed by the hosts of the Mornings with Maria show on Fox Business News.  We discussed a number of topics including Facebook’s leadership dilemma, Ubers recent challenges and how their leadership is handling these and finally, my thoughts on Leander Kahney’s new book, Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level. You can […]

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Apple: Steve Jobs Would Throw a Fit!

When Steve introduced a product, it was special and rocked the status quo. The Macintosh, the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone are the examples of what Steve was talking about. Each was huge in its impact and represented the foundation of what he left when he passed away in 2011.

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