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The U. S. Navy: Floundering in Communications and Leadership Blunders!

In June, 2017, the USS Fitzgerald collided with a giant cargo ship in the Pacific and seven sailors died. A few months later, the USS John S. McCain, another destroyer in the Navy’s heralded 7th Fleet, was struck by an oil tanker, and 10 more sailors were lost.

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3G and Berkshire Hathaway: A Bad Partnership Damages Kraft Heinz!

Berkshire Hathaway (aka Warren Buffett) is best known for buying highly successful companies with very high-quality products run by people who have accumulated a deep understanding of all aspects of the business, and then lets those people continue to run the business just as they have in the past.

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Maria Bartiromo Interview: China is not respecting intellectual property

This past weekend, I was interviewed on the Friday evening Maria Bartiromo’s Walll Street show on Fox Business News, which also aired on Sunday.  We discussed in detail the Huawei problem and the broader issue of protection of intellectual property. You can watch the entire interview by clicking here.    

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