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The Core Driver of BlackRock’s Success: Purpose

To most Main Street investors, BlackRock is basically invisible. The New York-based financial giant is deeply woven into the fabric of global investing. Surprisingly, it’s the world’s biggest asset manager, overseeing about $6 trillion in client money. It’s also the biggest provider of passive exchange-traded funds, with $1.5 trillion invested in its iShares fund family. All of this is super impressive when you realize the company is only 30 years old

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Social Media – A Mess Crying for Strong Leadership

Facebook, Google and Twitter have had a really rough time of it in 2018.   Versus their 2018 highs, their stock prices are off -38%, -15%, and -30% respectively, but more importantly, have major issues with their business models. Specifically, these three companies are confronted, and seem perplexed, by two key threats: the privacy issue and the publisher […]

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GE Should Learn from the Turnaround Wizards!

If you go back 20 years, General Electric was one of the most admired companies in the world. It participated in a variety of different product categories and in each, it had a firm goal to be the number one or number two player, or get out. Since then, it’s been virtually a straight line down and currently, we are reading daily of the fact that General Electric may not be salvageable.

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