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My Interview with Neil Cavuto: ‘The Big Risk for Tech is Talent’

It’s aways great to chat with Fox Business News host, Neil Cavuto. On today’s show, one of the topics we discussed was tech talent and the fact that even though the US tech sector continues to be strong, the big risk is the impressive strides China continues to make in this area.  You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here.

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Can the Danaher Playbook Save GE?

General Electric has been in a long-term decline ever since Jack Welch left the company in the year 2001. Since then roughly $300 billion of market value has been erased by the two CEO’s who followed Jack. The 2nd of these two CEO’s was very recently removed from his responsibilities after only 13 months on the job. He had led the company to a $124 billion market value decline in that short period.

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Walmart, Macy’s, Target, & Sears:  Victims of Complacency

The retailing giants of the past few decades, such as the four mentioned in the title above, enjoyed long periods of huge success. Over the past ten years, unfortunately they simply sat back and watched Amazon become the new king of retailing. Amazon absolutely owns online retailing. Why did the giants not react? Let’s face it, successful organizations tend to become complacent. In some cases that disease becomes so bad the company gets obliterated (Sears) while others eventually begin trying to catch up.

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