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Newell and Jarden: Fighting Over Elmer’s Glue and Mr. Coffee!

In December of 2015 the CEO of Jarden Corp. negotiated a deal where he sold his company to Newell Brands and got a huge personal payout. He also negotiated that he would become a member of the new Board of Directors. The prior CEO of Newell became the CEO of the newly-merged organization which retained the name of Newell.

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A Lesson From a Legendary Auto Executive

Sergio Marchionne, who engineered a merger of the auto industry’s weakest companies – Fiat and Chrysler, and turned the combination into a profit generator, recently and suddenly passed away. His accomplishments are worth reviewing because we can learn such a powerful lesson.

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BHP Billiton: It is All About Focus!

A couple of years ago, BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, announced it was spinning off its aluminum and magnesium businesses, plus several other mining entities. The remaining company was focused on just four areas: coal, copper, iron ore, and gas/oil.

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