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Netflix: Turning TV Viewing Upside Down

Completely changing the business model in an industry is not an easy thing to do.  On the other hand, it creates incredible rewards for the innovators.  Netflix is a primary example of this.  It basically put the Blockbusters of the world out of business in the late 1990’s as it introduced DVD’s by mail versus […]

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Barnes & Noble: Watching Its Own Demise!

In what appears to be a slow-motion march toward bankruptcy, Barnes & Noble announced its recent quarterly earnings; a -5.3% revenue decline to $1.2 billion and a loss of $63.5 million. This situation reminds me very much of Kodak in the period from 1995-2010. It sat back and watched its stock price go from $90/share down to virtually nothing, as the era of digital cameras emerged.

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Uber: Roadblocks When Driving Change

After a couple of years of chaotic behavior on the part of the top management of Uber, it has a new CEO who is now working hard to clean things up and to set a direction for the company. His primary area of focus is understanding what the customer base thinks should be improved, and […]

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