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Bogus “Research,” You Won’t Believe These Examples!

I recently read a summary of a study on the “unstoppable power of leaderless organizations.” It was authored by two academics that wrote it in a style that suggested they believe they should be put on a pedestal for this astounding work. The report sings the praises of “starfish-like” organizational structures that are totally decentralized and completely dependent on peer-to-peer relationships. They claimed this inherent flexibility would lead to a big positive impact on the management of projects and the discovery of knowledge.

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Nike: Getting Their Head Out of the Sand!

Recently, Nike learned the hard way that you need to know what employees are experiencing. Specifically, the press reported that this saga began with several female employees complaining to the Nike HR organization about sexual harassment issues. The press noted it was apparently common practice for an HR representative to meet one-on-one with anyone who had a complaint, tell them they are the only person with such a complaint, and suggest that it’s their own fault.

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