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Xerox: Avoiding Reality – A Losing Strategy!

Back in 1999, Xerox was the king of the document copying business and had just achieved its peak market value of almost $50 billion. In Asia, Xerox operated with a partner, Fuji, and their copying machines were sold under the name of Fuji Xerox.

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Sears: Ignoring What the Turnaround Icons Teach Us!

It was 2013 when the current CEO took over the leadership of the classic retailer Sears. His task was to stop the share price decline; virtually a straight line from $120/share in 2007 to $45 when he took over in 2013. Unfortunately, he has been unable to halt that decline and it is now fairly clear that Sears is on its way to bankruptcy. It just announced it will be closing 100 more stores in 2018, and its stock price is currently in the $2.25 range.

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Giving In to Peer Pressure: A Deadly Example

The book called Rescue of the Bounty is an exciting, true story of an ill-fated, 2012 voyage of a fifty-year-old, 180 foot, wooden ship called Bounty. It was a replica of the HMS Bounty, a classic three mast ship of the late 1700’s, and was used in movies such as Mutiny on the Bounty and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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