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GE:  A Reminder of the Leadership Killers!

In 2006 General Electric launched a four-day training program called Leadership, Innovation and Growth (LIG) at their famous management development center in Crotonville, New York. In the next few years, thousands of GE managers were put through this program. The core focus of this program was the importance of teams and consensus in accelerating the pace of change.

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Microsoft: Leveraging the Learning from Advertising Research?

When the current CEO of Microsoft took the job in 2014, the company stock price had been floundering for the past 13 years in the $25-$37 range. He quickly moved into action to focus the company’s future on cloud infrastructure. The task of getting the employee base and customers on board required constantly delivering the cloud message. This single-minded focus and constant communication of the cloud direction was critical in the evolution of Office to the cloud service Office 365 and the emergence of Azure, an open, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Today, Microsoft web services are a strong and fast growing #2 behind Amazon’s web services and Microsoft’s stock price is in the $88 range.

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Netflix – Acting Like a 9-Year-Old Kansas Kid!

It was very recently announced that the percentage of Americans who subscribe to Netflix is now equal to the number that subscribe to cable TV services. To understand what has made Netflix so successful, let’s first consider the following story often told by Gary Burnison, the CEO of Korn/Ferry.

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