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Gillette: Fat, Happy and Vulnerable in Its Own Fiefdom

A recent article in Fortune magazine discussed the massive loss of market share by Gillette; moving from 71% when it was acquired by Procter and Gamble in 2005 down to its current 59%. It points out that a key reason for this was that Gillette simply missed the growing consumer interest in an adequate performing, and very reasonably priced, razor. Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s and Schick jumped on this trend. Meanwhile, Gillette simply stuck to its decades-old game plan of evermore sophisticated and complex razors at ever-increasing prices.

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Delta Airlines: A Great Turnaround Example

It is not much fun to be a part of an organization that is at best treading water with no clear roadmap to break out and get on an exciting path of progress. That certainly was the case for employees of Delta Airlines when the company filed bankruptcy in 2005.

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