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Retailers: Most are Lethargic Road-Kill!

It’s amazing to see many of the major retailers simply stand by and watch their business atrophy. On the other hand, there are a few that work hard to get out in front of the key trends/changes impacting retailers. Best Buy is an amazing example of doing exactly that. While facing bankruptcy in early 2013, with its stock price down to $11.80, it watched its competitors such as CompUSA, Circuit City and Radio Shack fall by the wayside.

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Learn from Amazon: Talent Is Critical

Amazon is paranoid about hiring and developing top talent! For example, it has hired 97 MBA’s from MIT over the past 5 years, more than twice any other tech company. Stepping back, given the amazing speed of change in most industries today, it is clear that having top talent is a necessity. Hence, the subject of spotting such individuals at a very early stage and acquiring that talent for your organization should be a very high priority task.

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