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GE Leadership: Seduced by Success

Seventeen years ago, in November 2000, GE named a new CEO. GE had just completed a highly successful ten-year period where the stock price went from $5/share to $55/share. The person who got the job was highly regarded by everyone, and given the enormous success of GE, he was obviously very positive and confident about the future.

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The Ousted Uber CEO: Determining Trustworthiness is Hard!

A lot has been written recently about the ousted co-founder and CEO of Uber who has tried to get his job back. He had been fired by the board of directors because, after the company was hit with crisis after crisis, virtually all CEO-induced, they had finally lost trust in this individual. The list of those damaging incidents had grown significantly over the past eighteen months. For perspective, that list includes allegations of gender discrimination, encouraging Uber drivers to use a software tool to confuse competition, stealing self-driving car secrets from a competitor, and an investigation by the Department of Justice into Uber’s business practices. Why didn’t the board of Uber see this coming a long time ago?

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The Importance of Excellent Communications to Leadership Success

Recently I was interviewed by journalists Dr. Thomas Clark and Richard Zaunbrecher on the importance of communication skills for a leader.  This interview is below and my hope is you will find some valuable tips in this dialogue. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  Interview with Bob Herbold: The Importance of Excellent Communication to Leadership Success Tom Clark and Richard […]

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