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IBM: A Lesson in the Elusiveness of Objectivity

In its recent quarterly earnings announcement, IBM noted that the division built around Watson, the generalized artificial intelligence tool, experienced a revenue decline of -1% versus year ago. This is after a disappointing +3% growth in the prior quarter. The CEO of the company continues to tout Watson as the savior of IBM. Also, the company continues to field a very heavy advertising program behind Watson. The fact is, it appears Watson is out of gas, but the company keeps hyping it.

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Avon: The Latest “Deer in the Headlights”

It is a psychological fact that if a deer is standing in the dark on a road and a car’s headlights shine on it, the deer is blinded momentarily and it freezes. The funny thing is, it happens not only to deer but to companies and people as well. Psychologists define the commonly used phrase “deer in the headlights” as “a state of indecision caused by surprise, anxiety, fear and confusion”.

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Adobe:  A Great Example of Jumping On an Inflection Point

While rarely getting public attention, Adobe, the maker of Photoshop and many other software tools, has been one of the great success stories in the technology sector in recent years. For perspective, its stock price was in the $45 range as of four years ago and today it trades for roughly $145. How did it do this? By wisely jumping on an important technology inflection point and overhauling how it provided customers its products.

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