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IBM: Spent $97 Billion; Result: 20 Consecutive Quarterly Declines!

The primary job of a leader is to constantly assess the situation, develop an impactful plan that will make a significant difference, and then implement with excellence. Being a leader is not about simply managing a bunch of activities that enable you to participate in some manner in what’s going on in your industry. Unfortunately, that’s what the IBM CEO, who has been in the job five years now, seems to be doing.

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Gillette: Ignoring Competition is a Bad Idea!

Gillette has dominated the razor business for decades. They have religiously followed a narrow strategy of adding new features and convincing consumers via advertising that they are worth the increased price. In the last three years Gillette has had some competition. It came in the form of low cost shave clubs and surprisingly, Gillette just continued to introduce new, pricier products; for example, a razor with a swiveling ball hinge that allows the blade to pivot. Its latest move was to file a patent application for a razor cartridge that heats up.

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Google Gets Discipline: It’s Killing Projects!

One of the hardest things for a leader to do is to terminate a project; even if it has been clear for quite a while that its potential is minimal. Two factors are typically at work; 1) the leader doesn’t want to kill the project because it may appear that he/she has failed; and 2) the people assigned to the project will aggressively pressure the leader to continue since they worry about what will happen to them! The result is that most speculative projects end up living far too long of a life before they either die a natural death or the leader gets up enough courage to admit that this one didn’t work out.

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