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The Uber Fiasco: A Key Leadership Reminder

Uber, and particularly its CEO, has a reputation as being super-aggressive and in-your-face. In recent months Uber has been battered by a barrage of controversies that have called into question the capabilities of the CEO, and clearly tarnished the reputation of the brand.

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Target: Another Example of Ignoring the Obvious

Over the years it’s surprising to see large successful companies, like Kodak and Blockbuster, stare into the reality of important new business trends, like digital photography and the evolution of VHS tapes to CD’s to streaming, and then do nothing. These companies get wiped out because they are tightly wed to their current business model while the world passes them by.

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Another Consensus-Decision-Making Failure: Australia’s Electricity Blackouts!

This past January, South Australia, one of the six states that make up the country of Australia, suffered a severe electricity outage. One month later, the city of Adelaide within South Australia had a major electricity black out that impacted 40,000 residents. In each case, the state government simply said that the cause was “lack of sufficient generating capacity, given the unusual heat the region was experiencing.”

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