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Unilever – The Socially-Responsible Loser!

Fortune Magazine does a daily newsletter and recently the lead article was about Unilever’s CEO and the observation that he has become the poster boy for responsible capitalism. The author claimed that this individual was clearly the most adamant corporate leader in insisting his company operate for the good of society, not just shareholders. The Fortune writer pointed out that this Unilever leader, and his social-program focus, will be the feature story in the upcoming issue of Fortune Magazine.

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Trump’s Twitter Habit: A Leadership Lesson?

The general public, the media and especially members of the U.S. Government have been shocked at President Donald Trump’s propensity to use Twitter multiple times daily in order to make sure people understand how he is thinking. Putting aside whether you like what he is saying or not, it’s impressive how clearly his brief messages have been communicating the general direction that he wants to take the country.

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Silicon Valley’s Crisis:  An Emerging Lack of Trust!

Fortune Magazine recently ran an article on the growing number of examples in Silicon Valley where entrepreneurs have taken a “fake it til you make it” approach to starting a business, only to have the whole thing blow up in embarrassment. Their primary example is Theranos, the blood testing company which, after rising a huge amount of start-up funding, tanked completely after it became known that its technology seldom actually worked. The entrepreneur behind it, who was very persuasive and successful in raising funds, has been banned from owning or operating a medical lab for two years and some investors are suing.

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