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Samsung Note 7: Rushed, Organizational Chaos!

In recent years, Samsung has been the smartphone market leader. While Apple makes the most profit, Samsung sells the most units. Its unit market share is 22% globally while Appleā€™s is at 13%. In the spring of 2016, rumors were rampant that the iPhone 7, scheduled to launch in the fall, would lack any real innovation. Samsung smelled an opportunity, moved up the introduction of the Galaxy Note 7 to August 19, and put enormous pressure on its suppliers to beat the iPhone 7 to the marketplace.

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Apple: Too Risk Adverse? Lack of Focus? No Game Plan?

The financial community is officially worried about Apple with its market share being off over ten percent versus its fifty-two week high. No doubt most of this decline is due to the iPhone, and the continuing reduction of the growth rate of the smartphone market.

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Google/Alphabet: Killing Innovation?

Google, the search engine giant, is generally known as an incredibly innovative organization. It prides itself in having a very open culture with few working constraints; all designed to generate an enormous amount of innovation.

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