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Empowerment Requires Forceful Leadership

“Empowerment”, especially when discussed by HR professionals, is a topic that can get out of hand with respect to just how independently employees can operate while maintaining some semblance of productivity for the organization. What we will discuss here is that real empowerment can only occur when there is strong leadership at the top setting the overall direction and providing some ground rules.

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Lessons on Innovation from Apple, Starbucks and Amazon

While leaders can never be certain that their company’s ability to bring new ideas to the marketplace is totally wired into the culture and would be effective even without them, it is important that each leader have total commitment to honing each employee’s skills to continually challenge the status quo.

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The Tesla Leader: How to Lose Credibility!

It has been a tough few weeks for the leader of Tesla, but he himself is the cause of a lot of their problems.

For example, once again it turns out they have massively over-promised on the number of cars they will build in 2016. They have been claiming they will build 80,000 to 90,000 units. It was just announced that for the first six months, they built 29,190 (14,820 in Q1 and 14,370 in Q2). They are clearly going to miss their target range, like they do all the time!

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