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Yahoo’s Problem: Ignoring Reality and Doing What’s Familiar

Much has been written recently about the problems at Yahoo. When a new leader was hired in 2012, there was a lot of hope. This person was the 20th hire at Google and had helped that start-up become a raging success.

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Six Reasons Why Organizations Fail

Over the years, a lot of business gurus have pontificated on why organizations fail. This is not surprising since on any given day, you are likely to learn about some firm that is struggling to recover from a rash of poor results.

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Leadership Lessons from the Walgreens/Theranos Mess

Over the past four years, Walgreens, the giant drugstore chain, has been executing a plan to spend about $50 million to place in about 40 of its stores a machine developed by the start-up Theranos that supposedly could test tiny samples of blood for dozens of conditions, eliminating the need to take a blood sample from the patient’s arm. Unfortunately, it has turned into a huge disaster.

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