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What Drives Amazon Creativity? Forcing People to Think!

Very recently, Fortune magazine had Jeff Bezos of Amazon at the top of its list of the greatest leaders in the world. The article praised him for being the father of e-retailing, cloud services, and e-books. When considering what has enabled Bezos and Amazon to achieve at such a level, I am reminded of a past Fortune article that described how he requires his people to write thorough documents when they want to propose an idea/product/direction for Amazon to pursue. His view is that there in no way to write a persuasive, thorough proposal and not have clear thinking.

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Beware of Teams!

The leader of the team reported to the CFO and had never worked in one of the product divisions. The only influence this individual had over the team members was the financial people from the divisions who looked to the staff Finance organization headed by the CFO for career management.

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Credibility & Stature – Apple is Losing It!

The CEO of Apple pontificating on the sacredness of iPhone security, and then being upstaged by a hacker, accompanied by a big Apple press event to announce small size phones, are the kinds of things that can lower the morale and confidence of employees and tarnish the image of the company’s products.

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