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Killing Projects: Learn from Google!

Tens of millions of people have gone to YouTube recently and viewed a two-legged humanoid robot trudge through snow, while surprisingly maintaining its balance. Another humanoid robot stretches out its arms, crouches down, lifts a box and places it on a shelf, and then successfully fends off a real human who tries to knock it over with a hockey stick. Another robot intentionally topples over and then proudly picks itself up with ease.

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Are You a Motivation Killer?

Recently I saw an article that celebrated the fact that it has been 25 years since the first digital cellular system and phone were invented by Motorola. Back in its glory days, Motorola also invented such things as car radios, military radios, and was the company responsible for bringing Six Sigma to the USA. On the other hand, by late 2003, it was a struggling, confused company with no clear game plan for winning. The CEO at that juncture was Chris Galvin, having been appointed to that position in 1997. He was the third Galvin to run Motorola and his grandfather, Paul Galvin, started the firm in 1928.

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Complacency – You May Be Causing It!

Successful organizations tend to become complacent. In some cases that disease becomes so bad the company gets obliterated. Over the decades, there have been many high flying examples such as Kodak, Circuit City, and Blockbuster. More recently, the demise of Nokia and Blackberry in the cellphone/smartphone business are classic examples.

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