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Is Your Organization Paralyzed Like the Post Office?

Recently it was announced that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) lost $5 billion in their most recent fiscal year which ended Oct 1, 2015. The last year America’s post office earned a profit was 2006. Since that year, total mail volume has fallen 28%. The biggest decline has been in first class mail, its main moneymaker. Probably the biggest financial problem at the USPS is its unfunded liabilities related to health care and other benefits of retirees, which stand at $125.2 billion. The think tank called Tax Foundation doubts it can ever cover these promises.

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Beware: You’re Biased and You Can’t Detect It!

Our ability to make good decisions is a critical determinant in our long term success in both our personal and professional lives. A few years ago a group of academic researchers got interested in why good leaders occasionally make some very bad decisions.

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