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Volkswagen – Fear Leads to Stupidity

Smart people are capable of doing some very dumb things! Volkswagen is the latest example.
For the past decade, automobile manufacturers have been hustling to satisfy increasingly tough emission standards set by various countries. California has been setting the pace over the years with the U.S. EPA not been far behind. Through new technologies related to catalytic converters and computer controlled fuel mixtures, the automobile manufacturers have generally been able to meet these new regulations, except for diesel engines where the technical challenges have been huge.

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The Secret to Leaving a Bad Impression: Arrogance!

Costco, the warehouse retailer, has been fabulously successful over the years. For perspective, its stock price has gone from $48 in 2005 to $155 today. An integral part of that success has been its phenomenal focus on cost reduction and efficiency. The business world knows well the stories of Costco’s efficiency. An example is the company’s headquarters in Issaquah, WA; a plain, three-story building with internal decorations like Van Gough reproductions purchased from

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Is Dell Ignoring the Future?

The technology world was surprised on two fronts by Dell’s effort to acquire the storage company EMC. First, it was the largest acquisition in the technology world ever ($67 billion). Second, it involves two companies that primarily market traditional tools that are experiencing declining demand.

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