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Lesson from Yahoo: Face Reality and Develop a Plan!

A recent Wall Street Journal article about Yahoo pointed out that if you strip away the value of the Alibaba shares which it owns, then “the market is assigning little to no value to Yahoo’s core business.” Further evidence of this is the recent movement of the Yahoo stock price. Specifically, 11 months ago Alibaba hit its all-time high at $115 a share. Since then it has dropped 40% down to $69. Interestingly, Yahoo’s stock price reached a high at $52 per share on the same timing as Alibaba, and it has dropped 38% to $32 since then; virtually the same percentage drop as Alibaba.

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Proud and Comfortable? If So, Beware!

Regarding the use of the internet, which we are all becoming very dependent upon, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the intrusion and the delays caused by internet advertising. It’s everywhere! It’s a bother whenever you attempt to make some use of the internet, no matter whether you are on your PC, your tablet, or your smartphone.

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Credibility – Why Risk It?

In a recent statement to the press, the CEO of Tesla made it clear that it now looks like Tesla would ship about 50,000 cars in calendar 2015, not the 55,000 he had previously indicated. He then quickly boasted that he continues to be confident that Tesla will ship 500,000 cars in 2020 (a 10x increase in five years!). These statements spawned many articles in the press questioning the reasonableness of the CEO’s projections, particularly since he has a history of over promising.

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