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Lessons from Amazon’s “Bruising Workplace”

The recent New York Times article entitled “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” has created quite a stir. Some employees have come forward to defend the place and others, mostly former employees, have piled on endorsing the negatives. No matter what side you take on this issue, there is plenty of learning in this peak into the culture of a very successful company.

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Lessons from Google’s Latest Announcement

Recently Google announced a major restructuring. A new holding company called Alphabet Inc. will include not only its major advertising businesses (Google Search, YouTube, Android and Chrome) to be called Google but also each of the individual development projects such as robots, self-driving cars, internet connectivity via balloons, and a variety of others.

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Want Change? Be Specific!

In the last decade or so, business leaders have experienced a dizzying rate of economic, technological, social, and environmental change. In response, business scholars and writers have generated a staggering amount of research, articles, books, and programs discussing countless methods for driving change and exploiting new capabilities and circumstances. A couple of years ago a […]

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