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A Guide to Turning Off Your Employees

The lesson is clear: Strong leaders know that their people, their customers, and their suppliers are their most important assets and that they are totally dependent on them for success. They treat people with respect and are careful to make working conditions and relationships as positive as possible.

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USPS and What Total Lack of Leadership Looks Like

The U. S. Postal Service (USPS) continues to spiral out of control, losing $26 Billion in the last three years. As reported in the financial press, USPS recently announced that starting next year it will lower its service standards, thus slowing down delivery. Employees have said publically that this move will “virtually eliminate overnight delivery – including first class mail – from one address to another within the same city or town.”

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How Do You Improve a Culture? – Win!

I recently got exposed to a company that has had a very tough time over the past five recession-burdened years. The industry they participate in has declined about 2% per year during that period, versus the average 4-5% growth that it enjoyed during the decade prior to the recent recession period. Given that the company is one of the few with premium priced offerings in their industry, once the recession hit, their business was hit even harder, with them losing market share each year, versus a prior decade of market share growth.

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Ignoring Reality: Are You Guilty of This? Many Are!

As reported recently in Businessweek, soft-drink sales started dropping in 2005 and have not stopped since (-19% over the past ten years). This is not surprising, given all the attention focused on discouraging soda consumption. For example, New York’s subway cars feature “drink yourself fat” anti-soda posters. The impact is real; Coca-Cola carbonated sodas fell 2 percent last year, marking the ninth straight year of decline. Diet Coke is being hit especially hard, dropping 7% last year, due primarily to the continuing health concerns about its artificial sweetener aspartame.

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