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Why BHP Billiton Wants to Get Smaller

It was interesting to note that BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company as measured by market value, announced recently that it plans to split the company, spinning off BHP’s aluminum and magnesium business, plus several other smaller mining entities. The remaining, slimmed-down BHP will be focused on just four areas: coal, copper, iron ore and gas/oil.

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Is Tesla Risking Its Credibility?

Recently Tesla announced its July-September (JAS), 2014 quarterly results. Additionally, they explained that they now believe they will deliver 11,000 cars in the October-December quarter, not 13,000 as previously indicated. They blamed it on a two week production shutdown in July; raising some eyebrows, since such an event is planned well in advance.

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Avoiding the Common Performance Appraisal Traps

A couple of years ago I read about a company who struggled through all of the classic problems companies encounter when they attempt to improve their performance appraisal systems.

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Are Your Achievements Holding You Back?

Recently I read about a study among some 600 corporate leaders which concluded that high achievers are often afraid to show their limitations. They let anxiety about possibly failing get in the way of tackling opportunities. They shy away from anything that has any risk to their reputation or requires them to learn new skills (thus suggesting they have a weakness). Instead of pursuing any kind of change, they prefer embracing the status quo, locking themselves into a set of standard routines.

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